Error 101 or 103 | Resolve Quicken Error Codes

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Error 101 or 103 | Resolve Quicken Error Codes

Error 101 or 103 | Resolve Quicken Error Codes

quicken error 101

quicken error 101

Are you facing trouble with Quicken Error Codes? No worries, you are in the right place. Here you’ll get to know how you can resolve your Quicken Error 101 or 103 easily. So, it’s time to say bye-bye to your trouble.

Though the purpose of this article is to provide you with the steps in order to get rid of Quicken Error 101 or 103. For any kind of technical difficulties while following the steps that are provided below. Feel free to contact Quicken Customer Support Phone Number +18005360613 and get instant help. Let’s discuss in detail;

As in the present scenario, financial transactions are becoming so complicated to keep a track of in the current age. Because of the process of physical payments as well as online payments. And also it is becoming compulsory in order to get things done.

In this way, Quicken has prevailed as one such software that makes financial accounting responsibilities easier for the user because of its user-friendly features and it’s budgeting feature assists the user in planning out their finances smartly.

Also, Quicken provides you the alternate versions that are compatible for Windows and Mac operating platforms and app versions for handheld devices.


Now, just have a look into the reasons that cause Quicken Error 101 or 103, before getting into the steps to resolve it:

  • Key chain access password is outdated.
  • The password already stored in Quicken is outdated.

Steps to resolve Quicken Error 101 or 103

Deactivate the accounts that affects these error codes

  • At first, open up Quicken.
  • Next, move your cursor to Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts.
  • Then, go to the account that has been hidden from a specific financial institution and click on unchecked.
  • After that, navigate to the register of the account that has been plagued by the Quicken error code 101 or 103 and then clicks on the Settings option located at the bottom.
  • Now, select the Troubleshooting option, which should be situated under the At your financial institution section.
  • Again, click on the Deactivate Downloads option, then select to Save it.
  • After that repeat the aforementioned actions for all the accounts that have been influenced by these error codes.
  • And then finally shut down Quicken.

Delete the password of your keychain access

  • Initially, you need to open the Finder and then select Go > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access app.
  • Next, in the keychain access app, you must set up keychain to log in and category to passwords from the left side.
  • Now, you need to search for the Quicken cloud or the financial institution that has been plagued by the error and then delete all of the entries.
  • Finally, just log out of the keychain access.

Steps to Update your bank list and then reactivate your bank account

  • Open Quicken.
  • Then, move your cursor to the Accounts > New > section and then click on the type of account that is facing a similar type of problem in Quicken. For example; Checking, Savings, etc.
  • After that, you need to click on the question mark icon of the My bank is not listed section located at the bottom of the bank list. And click on the Update List option.
  • It will display the current date, once the list has been updated. After that, you need to click on the Show List.
  • Now, you should be able to see the list of the financial institutions that you can pick from or you can enter the name of your financial institution.
  • After that, you need to type in your login credentials and then choose to Continue.
  • Finally, you’ll find Quicken will start detecting your account and it will display the details of your bank. Just be cautious when you LINK your account instead of adding it.

These are the steps that will help you in resolving the Quicken Error Codes, error 101 or 103. If for any reason you fail to follow or get stuck while executing a particular step or various steps for that matter feel free to contact the Quicken technical support phone number which is already shared and you can ask for any help you feel is necessary.

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