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Hello Everyone, We are excited to go through Quicken for Mac assistance now. I have been playing with Quicken for Mac Assistance. I have to tell you that I really like the improvements.

Now these improvements are not huge compared to past years but there are enough of them. That make me want to use this more than personal capital or mint or many of the other free online tools that are out there.

So that’s kind of a big deal one of the big game changers for me was the mobile app. They’ve had their mobile app now for a couple years but the incremental improvements.

They’ve been making on their mobile app and the way. It seamlessly syncs across both the desktop and the mobile app version make it really a great tool to use.

So we are going to spend a lot of time going through Quicken for Mac Assistance 2020.  And we are going to show you the desktop here.  This year so let’s dive in this is the home screen that you’re going to see in Quicken for Mac Assistance.

It’s got you’re spending by category a budget and any upcoming bills and reminders right here on the home screen.

You have all your transactions listed down the left side if you have a blue dot right here. That means that you have a transaction that needs to be checked and updated.

So if we click this you can see all the different changes here. The categories that are there you can do the payments so on so forth very simple totally what you expect when it comes to quicken for Mac Assistance.

We really like the way they do this the only drawback that I found as I go through categorizing these things is that if I change this to shopping it doesn’t always update in the future. So like these ones have been changed to groceries. Well if I get another one of these tomorrow well what happens is.

It might default back to shopping for whatever reason the logic is not saving it in there. Which is a little frustrating because I have a lot of re-curing transactions. I shop at the same places all the time and you think. It wouldn’t know to categorize it and carry those forward. So that’s one thing that has been a little bit annoying the other thing.

We also use a lot that is Banking tab. Because what it does is it allows you to have your spending and it breaks it down into a little bit more detail. It has all your transactions down here below it so it makes it easy to categorize. Especially when you’re trying to categorize against a bunch of different credit cards and you know that says this is the main screen.

I hang out here the most because I think this is the most useful just like anything else. You know you can click on this and you can dive in on the different categories you can break it down a little bit more.

Whether you’re shopping clothing electronics any returns which is so handy compared to what you see with mint or personal capital that don’t handle returns or cash very well.

It’s one of the big things that is lacking in personal capital that it categorizes returns as income so it screws up everything where quicken handles returns in the spending categories very well and then you have your income breakdown.

The only thing that I wish they had here is income and expenses right next to each other. The only way to get it is you have to go to this reports tab and it’s on the account summary page. It’s category summary We don’t even remember where we found it. I do randomly found it when I was clicking through and also just net worth. It’s so hard to find so their navigation their stuff is very clunky which is funny because their mobile app is actually really seamless.

The big thing is Quicken for Mac is expensive though the starter package is $34.99 a year full price the deluxe which I think most people are going to want to use is 49.99 per year and the premier is people who want bill pay and premium support is seventy $4.99 per year that’s crazy.

I think most people are going to be extremely happy with the deluxe package and the trick is for their pricing to go on to Amazon and I’ll put the link below in the comments but Amazon is running a 30% off deal.

Which basically makes the price of the deluxe two dollars and seventy five cents per month which that makes it a better deal than other paid software like you need a budget. Which is extremely popular so quicken for Mac. when you get the 30% off deal makes it a really good price.

Quicken also launched a credit card which I think is a very random approach but they have this quicken world MasterCard which they just announced and this card gives you quicken deluxe for free for one year if you spend $500 or more in the first three months. Also Feel Free to Call us for any quicken for mac assistance related help 1 (800) 536-0613.

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