How to Void or Delete a check in QuickBooks

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How to Void or Delete a check in QuickBooks

How to Void or Delete a check in QuickBooks

How to Void or Delete a check in QuickBooks.

While paying solicitations, customers and partners utilizing QuickBooks, you may commit errors, for example, entering the wrong sum on a check or issuing a check to the wrong individual. In such cases, you can utilize QuickBooks to void a check before settling the exchange.

The voided check stays inside the application’s registry, however the check’s sum changes to zero. The check’s number, payee and date additionally stay on the registry as a record of the voided exchange

Voiding a Check Within QuickBooks


Snap “Saving money” and after that “Utilization Register.” Click on the record the check was composed from.


Tap on the check number/section you need to void to choose it.


Snap “Alter” and after that “Void Check.” Click “Yes” when provoked with a message inquiring as to whether you need to void the check in the present time frame. This updates your organization’s diary with the date you are voiding the mind, and changes the check’s add up to zero. Then again, click “No” on the off chance that you simply need to void the check utilizing the date the check was initially composed on. This does not refresh your organization’s diary, but rather shows the check as voided.


Snap “Record” to conclude the void.

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